Timeline Training System

Timeline Training System is Custom Built for Your Business-Typical Details:

Timeline Training System

System Support and Access:

The Timeline Training System is a fully integrated computerized video pitching machine which triggers the coupled a high speed video motion analysis system and a forceplate feedback recording system which places forceplate data on the same user interface as the high speed video.....we may occasionally use other radar interfaces for redundant verifications as well as other input instruments, dependent on the use.

In other words.....when the athlete hits against the 64 pitch, programmable pitching routine and we record his data in high speed, we virtually know what he is thinking! And corrections or improvements usually happen in record time because of it and our teaching experience.

To inquire about your own Timeline Training System for your baseball Team or Business, email Coach Peavy at CoachPeavy@peavybaseball.com or call 404-954-2281