Quad and Dual Cam Pro Level Timeline Training Systems
Timeline Training Systems

Quad Simultaneous Synchronized Studio Pro System

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Quad or Dual Cam Pro Timeline Training Hitting Studio

*Training..Data Storage..Data Processing..Information Dissemination..Communication.
*All in One
*Can Be Used for Visual Motion Analysis of Pitchers Too
*64 Pitch Programmable Computerized Video Pitching Machine
*Single or Dual 40 Inch and 55 Inch UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 Display(s)
*Quad or Dual Synchronized High Speed Video-Commonly Quad View
*Pro Level Coach Hitting and Pitching Assessment and Motion Analysis System (MoCap)
*Nominal 200 Frames per Second at 1024 x 768 High Speed Video
*Powerful InnerVision Motion Analysis with Kinetics Capabilities
*Solid State High Speed Video Acquisition and Processing
*Larger Solid State Capacity
*6TB Hybrid Mirrored Redundant Storage for Thousands of High Speed Videos
*Virtually Unlimited Extra Storage Servers for Backup and Online Access if Desired
*Skype Video and Voice Communication and Desktop Sharing Built In

The Timeline Training System Does Far Too Much to Explain in a Paragraph or Even Ten. It is the Major Training Component for Our Pro Team Stadium Systems.
Play This 15 Minute Video to Learn About the Capabilities of "The Most Advanced Training System in Baseball".

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Video Pitching Machine in South Korean System

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 Play to See the Quad View Timeline Training System in Action



NOTE: Studio Systems are INDOOR Systems That REQUIRE Sufficient High Speed Lighting. Fluorescent and Common Lights DO NOT PROVIDE GOOD RESULTS!
We Provide Energy Efficient LED Lighting Kits and Supporting Mounts and Infrastructure For Your Specific Studio Use.
We CANNOT Guarantee Results in Insufficient Lighting Conditions.
High Speed Indoor Lighting
Typical Indoor Lighting Components
Note: 10 to 18 of These Units are Used in a Typical Indoor Lighting Scenario
Contact Coach Peavy at CoachPeavy@peavybaseball
to get a lighting quote for your specific application.