Policies and Terms

Video Motion Analysis System is for Limited and Specific Use

System ComponentsNo software can be added to the system without written permission, installation and support from Peavy Baseball as additions may damage software integrity and make the system incapable of designed purpose.

System is NOT designed to be used as an office computer. We will work with clients to build systems that can be utilized to provide sales assistance and point of sales capability to make their business and the use of the systems more profitable.

But let's be clear.....except for automatic updates to the operating system ANY AND ALL NON-APPROVED SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONS WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES.

Systems are NOT warranted against physical damage and abuse of any kind nor are they warranted against rain, weather or electrical energy spiking damage either through power or cable/broadband connections.

System Support and Access:

HitterThe client is required to maintain and purchase a minimum monthly support and video processing plan to be used as a retainer for expected, periodic online, personal instruction for staff members or users. Dependent on the plan chosen, client will be charged normal wholesale rates for unscheduled instruction for existing or new staff as well as normal wholesale video and motion analysis processing rates.

Any unused support  and account maintenance funding will be credited toward online baseball motion analyses each month. Unused monthly amounts do NOT rollover and will be credited to maintain motion analysis and baseball analysis processing accounts with Peavy Baseball.

We agree to train a limited number of staff (1 or 2 staff members) on the basic use of the system at the time of the initial purchase. The cost and content of training will be factored into the initial purchase. Additional, new or replacement staff members training must be agreed and paid for before the time of their training.

After use, the client MUST provide always on BROADBAND access to the High Speed Video units for uploading and downloading of video and data as well as online desktop repairs or instruction.

WarrantyHitting Flowchart