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The Rope Trainer Versus the Towel Drill

Peavy Baseball was chosen by John Smoltz and Perfect Pitch and Throw to scientifically test and analyze the efficacy of The Rope Trainer Vs the towel drill with our InnerVision High Speed Motion Analysis System for Baseball (and Fastpitch).

John Smoltz Rope Trainer by Perfect Pitch and throw  Rope Trainer Evaluation Video

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In a test with College and Youth Athletes using The Rope Trainer with a specific training protocol designed by Peavy Baseball coaches, The Rope Trainer not only improved mechanics and timing, it also consistently lowered UCL stress compared to the towel drill, no matter how it was used.

Rope Trainer High Speed 4 Camera

Mechanics, timing, arm speed and release point improved substantially, with lower UCL stress when the Peavy Baseball/Rope Trainer Training Protocols were used.

Play Rope Trainer Vsersus Towel Drill Video with John Smoltz

Play the Rope Trainer Versus Towel Drill Comparison Video above and pay particular attention to the UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament) loads in Newton Meters (NM is a unit of torque-read here) and Hand Path Efficiency.

Test Results With Peavy Baseball InnerVision

  1. UCL Loads consistently HIGHER with Towel Drills

  2. UCL Loads consistently LOWER with Rope Trainer

  3. Hand Path is SHORTER with most Towel Drills

  4. Hand Path is LONGER with Rope Trainer

  5. LESS extension with Towel Drill

  6. MORE extension with Rope Trainer

  7. RESULTS in Pitches After Rope Trainer Drills

    1. Lower UCL Stress

    2. Improved Mechanics (Performed w Peavy Protocols)

    3. More Efficient Hand Path

    4. Significantly Improved Release Point

    5. Pitches Downhill-Improved Velo/Rotation/Movement


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