Peavy Baseball Training Systems

Complete Player Development Systems

MARKERLESS GAME and Practice High Speed Motion Analysis

Systems SCALABLE for ANY Size Program or Facility

Break the Game into Manageable Time Slices

Create Actionable Intelligence

Improve Faster-Recognize Injury Risk Potential


The Most Advanced Training System in Baseball

Stadium SystemPeavy Baseball provides the most advanced high tech training systems and services available in baseball, for all levels of play. Our InnerVision High Speed Video Systems are Professional Level Systems. In addition to our systems in the USA, we are in demand Internationally and have installed Complete Timeline Training Systems as far away as South Korea.

Instead of being simple, basic software or repackaged camcorder based systems that miss the important action because of low frame rates, our systems are purpose built, complete, integrated turnkey High Speed Baseball Motion Analysis Systems, designed to capture ALL of the action to make all of the baseball specific data easily available for athletes, coaches and organizations to make the athlete and team better FAST. HoJo and Coach Peavy


    • NOT a Modified System for Another Purpose
    • For Softball Too
    • Pro Systems Track, Save and Analyze EVERY Play by EVERY Player of EVERY Game
  • Manageable Time Slices Slow the Game Down
  • Get Coaches Inside the Game
  • InnerVision High Speed Motion Analysis from GAME and Practice
  • Timeline Training-Perfect Practice from Game and Practice Analyses
  • Real High Speed 200 FPS Pro Level Video Motion Capture and Analysis
  • Hitting-Pitching and More-Indoors and Outdoors
  • Complete 3D Infrared Biomechanical Studio Systems Optional
  • TURNKEY CAPABILITIES: Data Storage, Online Communication and Information Distribution Systems Gets Information to Players, Coaches and Whole Organizations via the Internet
  • SCALABLE SYSTEMS-InnerVision and Timeline Training Systems-Single Cams, Dual Cams, Studio Quad Cams to Complete Game Stadium Systems
  • Computerized Video Pitching Machine in Timeline Training System
  • Advanced Training Support Available-Improve Your Staff
  • Contract Support is Like Adding a Top Professional Coach to Your Staff
  • Ask Us to Build a True High Speed InnerVision Motion Analysis System to Complement Your Baseball Product or Services

Superior to software and camcorder amateur systems in a big way!HoJo and Coach Peavy

HoJo and Coach Peavy...
Revolutionizing the Way Baseball is Taught:

Athletes move so fast that seeing what they are ACTUALLY doing is difficult to do....and seeing IS believing in baseball.

Teach athletes the way they learn most efficiently:

  • Athletes remember about 20% of what we tell them
  • Athletes remember about 50% of what they are told and they clearly see.
  • Athletes remember about 70% of what they are told....are shown...and that we help them feel.
  • We specialize in high tech teaching systems that help you effectively teach much more completely and efficiently with all of the senses...and the athletes can improve in record time as a result.


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