Frequently Asked Questions

Price Principle # 1:
When you buy price only, you frequently get what you pay for.....
......a thing that will not do the job as intended.

Why can't I buy cheaper "systems" or an "MLB" approved software program and do the same thing your system does?

  1. The Secret is the SYSTEM
    • Our High Speed Video Products are TURNKEY, COMPLETE and MATCHED SYSTEMS.
    • Our Hardware is matched to our Software to create a COMPLETE SYSTEM that will do the job as intended and much more!
  2. Most Products are Software Only Programs
    • Software programs are nice for Little League athletic speeds, but wholly inadequate for accurate analysis of larger, faster athletes.
    • Software programs are meant to be cheap....but think about it...will it do the job at hand?
    • Cheap software programs are mostly meant to be matched with slow camcorders and other cheap hardware...again...will it do the job?
  3. You Must Have Adequate Hardware to Do the Job at Hand
    • Professional Level Hardware is not is cost effective because it WILL do the job as intended.
    • See how many "systems" use cheap, analog, slow frame rate cameras which must be "converted" to digital before they can be analyzed.
    • 30 and 60 Frame per Second cameras do not acquire enough information to be useful....the athletes move too fast for them to see ALL of the action.
    • Our Systems work at 200 Frames per Second to capture ALL of the REAL movement.
  4. Most "Systems" Sacrifice Critical and Essential Camera Speed and More
    • Most systems that make claims to being "high speed" simply aren't high speed video to begin with, because they are mostly camcorder based and are limited to 30 or 60 Frames per Second.
      • Compare Swings with the videos on the left of this page and see the difference yourself.
      • In our average older hitters swings, their effective swing time is approximately .16 of a second (sixteen hundredths).
      • Camcorders capture 2 to 6 actual images during the crucial part of the swing because they are too slow, hence they miss most of the swing and you cannot see how they got from point to point in the movement.
      • Our systems work at 200 frames per second to properly see and capture the full extents of the movement (the swing) during this short of a time period.
      • Our systems capture at least 30 frames during this crucial .16 second swing time period, so we can see what they ACTUALLY did instead of guessing.
      • And our digital cameras work at up to 1/50,000th of a second shutter speed or faster and they freeze the action instead of blurring it, so we can accurately tell precisely where the athlete is in individual frames.
  5. Our Digital Video is Already in a Useable Data Format
    • We cannot manipulate and accurately quantify motion from camcorder or similar video.
    • Beside the fact that they are too slow and inadequate, camcorders store images in formats that have to be either imported and converted (which causes losses in clarity) or which cannot be accurately measured, manipulated (as when we make them a motion analysis) or accurately quantified.
    • So the result is we cannot pull complete data from inadequate source video.
  6. Most "Systems" Have Inadequate Storage
    • Our systems are designed to be able to store literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of video that is formatted to be able to extract high quality data from in a timely manner.
    • Camcorders only store a few hours of video at the most and it is video that is inadequate in frames and in a format that cannot be quantified or worked with.
    • We store tournaments and hundreds of athletes performances in our units, in a format that can be quantified and worked with.
  7. We Can Analyze Our Video to Get Any Information Needed-Now or in Future
    • With our systems, we use our experienced technicians to produce the highly technical kinematics, that take many years of experience to learn to produce.
    • In other words, we do the hard part over the Internet, so you do what you do and teach!
  8. Our Systems Can Disseminate the Information Anywhere in the World
    • We custom design an information Storage and Dissemination System for Teams and Organizations.
    • This system allows distribution of the Video and Motion Analysis Information securely throughout the complete Organization to Coaches, Players and Management and Athletes if desired.
    • Organizations can oversee athletes and their progress effectively from central locations, improving levels of integral and effective instruction.
  9. We Utilize a Thorough Baseball Knowledge Base-for YOU
    • Our Coaches are all trained by Coach Peavy and HoJo and they understand baseball movements to an incredible degree.
    • Our Technicians and Coaches are used to looking at athletes in thousandths of a second and know how to evaluate athletes at any level.
    • We help you turn "what you REALLY see" at 200 FPS into information to improve the athlete in record time, due to EXPERIENCE.

Why can't I buy a "high speed camera" by itself and do the same thing you do?

  1. Most High Speed Cams Have Totally Inadequate Storage
    • Most true "high speed cameras" have storage limited to literally seconds or minutes, which is totally inadequate for game event motion analysis video acquisition.
    • To be worked with, this data must be slowly transferred to a computer or processing unit, formatted to an acceptable format and then processed.
    • We skip these inadequate steps by writing high speed data directly to special fast storage drives in a format that is useable.
  2. Most Cams Have a Data Format That Must Be Modified to Be Worked With
    • See #5 in the first section above.

Feel free to ask questions about why we do what we do the way we do it......because years of specific sport and technology experience has told us this is the most cost effective way to do it right and well.

The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask......and we have the straight answers. 404-954-2281