Baseball Evidence Based Injury Prevention Program

Applying Empirical Evidence From Intelligent Technology
Creating a Scientific System to Improve the Game

BEBIPP Mission Statement:

Peavy Baseball is coordinating the development of an International Baseball Training Coalition from every Training Discipline in the sport, with one express goal-to minimize preventable throwing, pitching and other injuries, with an initial major focus dedicated to the eradication of the epidemic of Tommy John or UCL injuries, at all levels of play.

Are You Aware that from 2014 to 2016, there were more "Tommy John" surgeries in Major League Baseball than in the entire 1990's combined?

Athletes as Young as 12 are having "Tommy John".....This Must End.

Old Game....New Tricks......Anecdotal Vs Empirical Evidence.
The old way of doing things in baseball is not working....Instruction and procedures based on seat of the pants "anecdotal evidence" is resulting in an unprecedented epidemic of injuries, especially UCL injuries-resulting in an overwhelming outbreak of Tommy John surgeries at all levels of the game. Instead.... we need FACTS.... EVIDENCE.... "Empirical Evidence".

Peavy Baseball and BEBIPP Partners Harness Technology.
InnerVision Systems will coordinate multiple technologies, utilizing:
* High Speed and HD Visual Technology
* Infrared Marker Motion Analysis Technology
* Wearable Biomechanical Technology
* Integrated Force Plate and Tactile Feedback Technology
* GAME and Practice Motion Analysis Data-All Levels of the Game
* Corroborating Analytic or Sabermetric Data

Our Goal is to utilize Peavy Baseball  High Tech Motion Analysis Systems and InnerVision Systems to QUANTIFY GAME and Studio Data and Provide Accurate Baseball Evidence for our BEBIPP Project Partners to ANALYZE, ISOLATE and IDENTIFY the MULTIPLE ROOT CAUSES of Tommy John and other injuries and design TRAINING PROGRAMS and DEVELOP ADVANCED TRAINING PRODUCTS for all levels of baseball in conjunction with our Partners to IMPROVE the GAME and MINIMIZE PREVENTABLE INJURIES, now and in the future.

High School Pitcher

Immense amounts of coordinated Game and Practice Data and Evidence will be required. Peavy Baseball InnerVision Systems are UNIQUE in that they allow us to acquire High Speed Motion Capture Data and Empirical Evidence and Facts from GAMES as well as Practice Studio and Biomechanical Lab sessions with pitchers of every level.

Utilizing advanced computer and baseball specific motion capture skills, Coach Peavy and MoCap Engineer Manfred Berger, along with our various partners in baseball at the Pro, College and Amateur Levels, will accumulate Evidence and corroborating Data to organize and disseminate it to our BEBIPP Team to analyze in a Scientific manner.

The Result will be a Complete Scientific Teaching System designed by Professionals from Every Baseball Training Discipline combined with Complementary Baseball Training Products and Services specifically designed to Improve Performance and Minimize Preventable Injuries at all levels of the game.

Scalable and Affordable for All Baseball Programs.
InnerVision Systems, Timeline Training Systems, Pitching Studios. Infrared Studios and Related Integrated Training Products.
Analyze EVERY Play of EVERY Game and Practice or Individual Plays.
ALL Products can be SCALED for High School, College or Pro Budgets.

Our Pitching Studio With High Speed Analysis
Will Be Matched With The Pro Perfect Mound
MoCap System 

The Pro Perfect Mound Will Include Built In Sensors
By Peavy Baseball For Studio And Future GAME Data
Pro Perfect Mound

Background: HoJo and Coach Peavy dreamed of building "The Most HoJo and Coach PeavyAdvanced Training System in Baseball" in 2006 while working with high speed motion analysis with the Norfolk Tides. Over the years Coach Peavy built "The Most Advanced Training System in Baseball" and much more....instead of being limited to analyzing a single pitch or swing, InnerVision Systems can be built to analyze EVERY Play in ENTIRE Games and Practices and the Timeline Training System will help hitters in perfect practices, based on accurate game information from InnerVision thus combining an Unbeatable Team of Coaches with an Unbeatable Teaching System!

VIDEO: HoJo Introduces Peavy Baseball Systems


Fun Fact: Coach Peavy was selected by author Jane Leavy andMantle Book Harper Collins to produce the full kinematic baseball hitting analysis of Mickey Mantle from both sides of the plate for the NY Times Best Seller " The Last Boy-Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood".

Look for Jane's New Book on Babe Ruth and see if there isn't a surprise in it from Coach Peavy.

You can learn more about the book at Jane Leavy's website.